Where Can you Get the Best Cairns Accommodation Deals?

Where Can you Get the Best Cairns Accommodation Deals?

Anyone who is visiting Cairns for a longer period of time will obviously want to look for the best Cairns Accommodation Deals. It’s not always possible or necessary to pay high rates to stay at a fancy hotel. Southern Cross Atrium Apartments is a unique company that is committed to providing travellers to Cairns with luxury accommodation that is reasonably priced.  Over the years we have provided the best apartments with an atrium design. On offer are a large number of amenities and all these are in stunning tropical settings.

When you are looking for any good, comfortable and safe accommodation, we are the company to contact. At our apartments, you will be able to get the comfort and relaxation you look forward to when you are on vacation. Our Cairns Accommodation Deals are definitely the icing on the cake as you get to live in luxury at very cost-effective price points. When you move around the city and the surrounding areas all day, taking in all the sights and sounds of our beautiful and vibrant city, you know that at the end of a tiring yet enjoyable day, you just want to sink into the lap of luxury; and that is exactly what you get when you stay at our apartments.

The design of these apartment buildings has been styled in a very tropical them; you will find a wide variety of amenities including:

  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Tropical pool
  • Landscaped barbecue areas

A Range of Other Amenities

We only feel that you should have environs that are comfortable and ones that encourage you to unwind and relax. We also know that every traveller has different requirements when it comes to the size and style of accommodation they need. This is why you will find the best Cairns Accommodation Deals on 2-bedrroom and 1-bedroom or even our beautiful studio apartments.

You are sure to find something that you really like. Regardless of which apartment you choose to book while on your visit to Cairns, we provide a number of amenities such as satellite TV, Wi-Fi and cooking etc. Every one of our apartments is air conditioned and has either queen/king-size beds. You can relax on the private balcony that leads out of your room and enjoy your stay here, to the fullest.

Value for money

Though we provide so many amenities, you will find that our Cairns Accommodation Deals starting only at $93 per night are a definite steal. Our well-appointed rooms and the overall ambience of the property are a class apart and we assure you that you will feel perfectly at home.

You are also able to keep your budget on track as you have the option to cook your own meals. For safe, clean and luxurious as well as highly affordable accommodation, call Southern Cross Atrium Apartments at this number- 61 7 4080 2700. You can also log into our  website, check availability & book an apartment that matches your requirement.

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